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Voucher Redemption

STEP 1. Please fill in the form below to redeem your Voucher and NOW FOLLOW STEPS 2-3 BELOW AND send us a blank email to - to ensure your results do not go into your spam folders.If you do not send us a blank email we cannot be responsible for results which end up In your spam and we will charge a admin fee of 10 to re send them.

FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS, if any information is not provided or missing from the information we requested .Example- vouchers not sent/details on envelope not provided/no health forms completed, we will charge an initial admin fee of 2.50, before carrying out your test, which can cause a delay in your results.


Full Name and Surname

Input ALL Voucher Codes ,NOT Order Number,Input Type of Test Purchased & Expiry Date

Telephone Number


Before submitting your form please read our Privacy Notice.
I have read and accept the GDPR privacy notice

Once you've submitted your Voucher Number,which is only part ONE of the Redemption Process,PLEASE FOLLOW THE STEPS 2- 3 BELOW.

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STEP 2.Please complete the Health questionnaire below.

Please Click here to fill in our Health Questionnaire. Please DO NOT use a Mobile to complete the questionnaire,use a PC/Laptop/Tablet . Once you are finished, please SUBMIT. You will automatically receive a copy from Google ,please save this for future reference.

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If you would like to ADD OUR SPECIAL 30 DAY NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT ,( UK ONLY) this allows you access by phone to our Highly Trained Nutritionists who can guide you on your journey to better health and answer any questions you may have. Normally 65 ,NOW ONLY 25.00

Please pay here

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STEP 3. How do I get my head hair test?

  • We do not send out any KITS ! You Cut half an inch of hair from ends of hair ,about a teaspoon, and the same width (see picture).We do not accept any other hair from the body. Coloured hair is ok.

  • Please put Hair Samples in Separate envelope ( Envelope A) and seal it. ( You provide the envelope)

  • IMPORTANT : Write on the Envelope A.

  • Envelope B. Print off Original Voucher, and place inside envelope with Envelope A.

    If the Voucher is not included in the envelope,the test will not be carried out, so make sure you print it off.
    We do not carry out tests after the Expiry date, please be respectful, as Expiry dates are there for you and us, please adhere to them.
    Please ensure you put the correct postage on the envelope as we do not pay /collect underpaid mail.

  • ( On Envelope B ) write on our Address-

    Allergy Testing UK,
    Victoria House,
    Victoria Terrace,
    Lancashire,PR6 7AA .

    We recommend that the envelope is paid for via Signed For ,this gives you the security of knowing that we have received your hair sample as there have been many instances of packages not being delivered through the normal postage system.Tests take 21- 28 working days to process. We don't send out Test Kits,you send us your hair.


UK Only. Results will be emailed within 24 hours of receiving your hair sample and voucher, samples received on Friday will be processed on a Monday.

Please enclose Paypal Receipt and write FAST TRACK on your hair sample envelope.

Please pay here

IF ANY of the information we require is not sent or incorrect via email or post we will be unable to carry out the test.

Our Office opening hours are Mon- Fri 9am - 5pm.

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Please see picture,we require half an inch of Hair or 20mm in length, width can be 5mm.


Depending on what test you have purchased you will also receive :

  • A full analysis of your hair, given at the time of testing
  • Comprehensive Report of Results via email.
  • Depending on what test is purchased }- A Basic Test will cover only Wheat and Dairy.
  • The Basic + Test Will show the Top 10 food items that you are Intolerant to.
  • The Advanced Test ,we will show the Top 15 Food Items you are Intolerant to as well as your Top Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies .
  • The Premium Test will show your TOP 25 items as well as your Top Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies.
  • The Digestive Health Test /Food and Mood will also show the TOP 15 Items that you have problems with as well as your listing your Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies .
  • A Report covering your Nutritional Deficiencies, or Food Intolerances depending on what test is purchased.
  • The Voucher is for a Test Only,No telephone or Email Support is offered( Prices for support are listed on our Terms and Conditions pages)
  • By submitting your Voucher for Redemption you have agreed to our Terms and Conditions as listed on our Terms and Conditions pages.
    Our Terms


    You simply post off your hair sample to us and you will receive your report within 21-28 working days .PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM AND JUNK FOLDERS DAILY,as many Results end up here without you even knowing, also all Documents are sent in a PDF Format .We only keep test results for 30 days,so please ensure that you watch out for our emails.

    There is an Admin Charge of 10 to re send your results,within the 30 days.

    If for any reason you do not send us a health form,or place incorrect information or no information on your envelope we have the right not to carry out your test /or delay your test until we have all your information,and testing will take place from the date we have all information.An Admin fee of 2.50 will be payable before testing is carried out if ANY INFORMATION is missing or not supplied.